Over 25 Years Of Addiction Leadership

We are a dedicated, patient-focused rehab in Cape Town

Tharagay is devoted to the recovery of our patients, and we are committed to ensuring the best treatment outcome for you or your loved ones.

Tharagay is registered with both the Board of Healthcare Funders and the Department of Social Development.

Happy couple at Tharagay Rehab in Cape Town
Why Us?

We Embrace The Family In Our Process

At Tharagay, we strongly believe that the family is a vital part of the rehab treatment process. We encourage all family members and loved ones to participate in the rehabilitation programme by attending meetings, conjoint sessions, and by exploring their own experiences with the person suffering from addiction. The eventual rehab treatment outcome is often determined by the contribution of the family, who are often most affected by the problem.

Our Peace-Of-Mind Rehab Strengths

Tharagay is the top rehab in Cape Town, helping patients to navigate the journey to a successful and sustainable recovery. We have more than two decades of experience in rehab treatment and specialise in the treatment of challenging patients. Our individualised treatment is grounded in a sound medical understanding of the problem.

25 years of experience

Tharagay is one of the longest-standing rehabs in Cape Town, founded by a medical professional with years of knowledge invested in our treatments.

Registered and certified

We are registered with the Department of Social Development and Board of Healthcare Funders ensuring accountable and quality care.

Experienced and medically trained staff

Our staff has professional training and exceptional experience when dealing with difficult cases.

Individualised treatment

Our treatments are tailored for the individual patient, treating more than just the addiction, and we always take the bigger picture into account.

Treatment grounded in sound medical knowledge

The foundation of our treatment is sourced from a refined Minnesota Model using a sound medical understanding as our therapeutic foundation.

Psychological problems always addressed

Our rehab programme will always include attention to your psychological problems, such as depression and trauma, as part of the process.

Difficult cases are our speciality

Our years of experience position us as the best rehab in Cape Town to manage especially difficult cases with multiple relapses or failed previous rehab admissions.

Unique 3 Phase Facilities

Our model works in three phases: a primary addiction treatment centre, a halfway house, and a sober-living residence providing for each step in your recovery journey.

Easy Medical Aid Payment

One of the major concerns for those entering rehab programmes is the cost. At Tharagay, we work with most major medical aids to cover the cost of addiction and substance abuse treatment. In certain instances, a co-payment might be required. Our patients have access to the best possible care without having the extra stress of fees and payments. We believe that in the end, addiction always costs more than treatment.

Happy Tharagay past patient giving a testimonial on her treatment

"I Am Starting To Look Forward To The Future"

“I had reached one of the darkest times of my life. I didn’t want to live anymore and the peace and comfort I had always found in alcohol and drugs wasn’t working anymore. As a final resort I decided to come to Tharagay. I’m finding things I want to live for and am starting to look forward to the future. Thank you Tharagay for helping me find hope in my life again.”

What Do We Treat?

We treat the person, not the problem. Tharagay has experience in multiple substance abuse and addiction types. We pride ourselves in offering individualised rehab treatment for every patient we admit. Our team has significant insight in dealing with different symptoms related to these issues, including, but not limited to, the following addictions:

Heroin Addiction

Cannabis Addiction


Crack & Cocaine Addiction

Meth Or “Tik” Addiction

Over The Counter (OTC) & Prescription Medication

Sex & Love Addiction /Co-Dependency

Gaming Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Ecstasy Addiction

Mandrax Addiction

Porn Addiction

Ritalin Addiction

We match the person to the programme at our individual rehabs, treating the individual and not just the problem.

Happy Tharagay past patient giving a testimonial on his treatment

"It's Been Special, Fun And Loving"

"It’s been a journey, I will always remember the time I have spent with you all. It’s been special, fun and loving. All of my respect to all of your beautiful people! Thank you to all the counsellors for your best efforts to keep us happy and sane. Love you always. And to all the staff and RA’s for looking after us during this time. You are a blessing to me. And I respect the work that you do for the community. 
Live long and prosperous."

The Road To Recovery

Our Treatment Services

We offer Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary treatment rehab programmes, all with differing lengths of time based on the needs of our patients. We provide addiction treatment, a halfway house and a sober house, as well as an inclusive aftercare follow up programme. This 90 day combination often produces the most astounding rehab results for our patients.

Primary Phase

Primary rehabilitation is for patients who admit that they have an addiction problem and want help. It is an intensive 28 day in-patient programme at our renowned rehab in Cape Town.

Secondary Phase

The secondary phase or halfway house helps our clients address underlying psychological or social issues in greater depth to reduce the risk of relapse.

Tertiary Phase

Tertiary treatment or sober living focuses on the process of reintegration from the rehab environment, back into mainstream society, as well as scaffolding for your lifestyle structure.

Individual Counselling

We have a team of counsellors available in our rehabs with specialised areas of expertise, if you feel individual counselling is the way to go.

Assessment & Interventions

We can help you make a decision about any problematic substance use behaviour and whether treatment is necessary. We also provide an intervention service for very resistant patients.

Family Programme

At our rehab centres, we offer a family programme in partnership with the renowned Prospect Hill Recovery Practice, as families are often deeply traumatised by the addiction.

Online Outpatient Programme

In our modern world, not everyone is able to get time off to get in-patient treatment, therefore we have developed an Online Out-patient programme that will assist you in addressing your addiction whilst still engaging in work and your life.

Let Us Help You Decide

Not everyone who uses drugs is an addict. By the same token, most people who drink alcohol are not alcoholic. It can be difficult to decide. Let us help you. Fill out the free online assessment, submit and we will advise whether you have a substance use problem that requires treatment.

The Tharagay Story

Originally founded by Dr Rodger Meyer, his 30 year's experience in addiction treatment contribute to the excellence of the Tharagay rehab programme. His career started as a medical doctor, but he has spent most of his subsequent professional life devoted to treating addiction and developing a treatment model that produces the best outcomes.

With the benefit of his experience, Tharagay successfully treats the most challenging clients and resistant patients. As he says "Our treatment is focussed, user-friendly, and easy to understand". The perfect recipe for a successful rehab programme. We are happy to share his expertise with you.

Tharagay Rehab owner and experienced rehab specialist Doctor Meyer
Tharagay Rehab Addiction Services Cape Town


Tharagay is the ideal rehab for patients who want to reclaim their families, lives and complete their personal recovery journeys. The next step is to start a conversation and one of our Tharagay professionals will reach out to you and discuss admission.