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Providing benchmark addiction treatment services in Cape Town

Tharagay Addiction Services

had its beginnings in 1995 under the guidance of Dr Rodger Meyer, a renowned addiction treatment specialist. With over 20 years of experience, Tharagay has developed a full spectrum of affordable, quality treatment services. Today we boast a unique continuum of addiction care for alcohol and substance dependence disorders, gambling addiction, sex and love addiction, and eating disorders.

We can assess the severity of your problem and guide you towards treatment that is appropriate and consistent with your particular needs and preferences. Our team of experienced professionals also provides individual counselling for self-exploration and emotional support.

We provide treatment for those clients not needing inpatient treatment, those clients who are unable to take time off from their commitments, or as on-going care for individuals after leaving treatment.

We provide support for concerned family and friends of those affected by addiction.

We offer a primary, residential programme.

An extended primary/secondary programme, for the continuation of the progressive treatment and recovery journey.

We are a residential step-down facility where clients can begin the process of reintegration into society.

Residential sober living in a supportive and recovery-oriented environment.

Dr. Rodger Meyer

Dr Rodger Meyer has worked exclusively in addiction treatment for the past 25 years. Trained as a medical doctor, his areas of expertise are addiction programme development, addiction counsellor training and treating challenging patients. He has a natural empathy with the most complicated cases and has a special interest in the problems presented by cannabis and heroin addicts. He is experienced with detox and withdrawal procedures. He has contributed extensively to the development of the addiction treatment network in Cape Town and is committed to ensuring that Tharagay Addiction Services remains a leading treatment facility.