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Tharagay is devoted exclusively to the health and recovery of our patients, and we are committed to ensuring the best treatment outcome for you and your loved ones.

What We Treat
Why Us?

Tharagay Treats The Person Not The Problem

We understand that addiction always occurs in a context, and that if you ignore the circumstances of the client’s life, the treatment is unlikely to succeed. We pay special attention to our patients’ personal profiles and provide an individualised treatment that speaks to their situation. We strongly avoid a one-size-fits-all approach, and taper the treatment to meet the patient, not the other way around.

However, all addictive disorders have some threads in common. In order for people to come to terms with their addiction, we try to highlight some of the problems that all addicts share, irrespective of whether you come from a deprived or indulged background, a dysfunctional household, or a traumatic childhood.

The tranquil environment of our rehab facility with comfortable accommodation, has all the amenities needed to find recovery. The manicured grounds strike the perfect balance between relaxation and introspection, allowing our patients to focus on their recovery.


We Match The Person To The Programme

Our model is grounded in a medical understanding for better treatment. We provide affordable, effective treatment and are one of the longest-standing rehabs in Cape Town. We are experts in matching the person to the programme.

Our objective is to treat the addiction successfully, focusing on helping our patients to understand and make peace with their individual problems.

With our years of treatment experience, our team is able to understand the differences in the various substances that patients might abuse, and then match the treatment to the individual.

Our team goes the extra mile to help patients find the missing link that locks them into their addiction. We firmly believe that everyone can recover.

Many patients come to us after multiple relapses or failed treatments elsewhere, because our reputation in successfully managing complicated cases has been well established over the years.


What To Expect From Tharagay

We understand that choosing a rehab can be difficult and has a stigma attached, but we aim to make you proud of your attempt to solve your problem.

After completing our 28 day programme, or continuing with our 90 day programme, our patients will have a new lease on life. With our help, they can reintegrate into society and reclaim their happiness and life.

Many of the patients who enter our rehab in Cape Town do so at their absolute lowest, but with our individualised care, they leave with a positive vision, hope and renewed strength. With Tharagay, you can rebuild your life and continue moving forward.

Family Focused

We Include The Family At Every Step

At Tharagay, we strongly believe that the family is an important part of the treatment process. We encourage all family members and loved ones to take part in the rehabilitation treatment by taking part in meetings, support group gatherings, and by exploring their own experiences with the person suffering from addiction.

These approaches help family members to become a better recovery support base for our patients. We understand that not every case is the same, which is why our rehab in Cape Town tailors the treatment to the individual and to the family.


"In 4 weeks I became alive"

"This was a journey for a dead man who had nothing. In 4 weeks I became alive and found new behaviour and lots of gratitude to live for my life will never be the same again. Thanks to the staff. Love."


How The Process Works


On admission, patients undergo a comprehensive assessment including a medical, nursing, and psychiatric evaluation if required, as well as an addictions assessment. Medication will be provided if this is necessary for stabilisation or if an underlying psychiatric disorder is identified.

The objectives of phase one are as follows:

  • Stabilise patient in our treatment environment
  • Comprehensive assessment and medication requirements
  • Develop individualised treatment plan based on the assessments

After the initial review of the circumstances contributing to the addiction, patients are allocated to an individual counsellor. This counsellor will manage the treatment process and help the patient to understand the nature of their addictive disorder and meet rehabilitation goals.

The objectives of phase two include the following:

  • Deconstructing the addiction denial system and identify the beliefs that keep patients locked into self-destructive addictive behaviour
  • Providing a meaningful definition of addiction that patients can understand and that encourages abstinence and sobriety

In this phase, more intensive counselling time is spent on the elements which contribute to the continuing of the addictive behaviour. These might include relationship issues, employment problems, financial hardships and even environment changes. We also look at the patient’s psychological profile, family, and how possible past traumas contribute to the maintenance of their problem. The addiction counselling continues during this phase.

The objectives of phase three are outlined below:

  • Identify how our patients’ psychological history contributes to the addiction
  • Help patients find the means, skills and insight to overcome these obstacle to their recovery

This final phase involves planning a return to life, employment, family, and a domestic environment. We put structures in place which allow the recovery process to continue in the real world. This includes connecting with our rehabilitation aftercare programme.

The objectives of phase four are detailed as follows:

  • Re-entry planning to minimise the risk of possible relapse
  • Ensure a continuity of care following the residential treatment

Throughout the treatment, we encourage our patients to consider further involvement in the Twelve Step recovery programmes. We facilitate regular exposure to the twelve step support groups and encourage attendance at meetings by providing necessary transport.

Our Management Team


Dr. Rodger Meyer

Founder & CEO

The Tharagay group runs pretty smoothly. Maintaining our reputation in a competitive industry requires ongoing innovation, training and quality control. This the focus of my role at Tharagay - to ensure we remain the “go to” rehab in Cape Town.


Zandri Hilmi

Clinic Manager

Zandri is the Manager at Tharagay Manor and also oversees the three different facilities. With over 15 years of experience in the addiction field she is the right person for the job. At Tharagay Manor, she keeps all our patients focused on the task at hand. There are many distractions as our patients take the first steps on their journey of early recovery. Zandri is there to provide a helping and caring hand when our patients feel overwhelmed by the challenges of treatment.


Tanya van der Merwe

Operations Manager

Tanya is the operations manager of the Tharagay facilities and keeps the wheels turning. She is responsible for maintenance and all the hospitality services. She has an eye for detail and does her best to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Nawaal Majiet

Admissions and Enquiries

Nawaal manages all enquiries and admissions. She is the voice of Tharagay. With her natural empathy, she is able to reassure all clients that they have arrived at the right place. She goes the extra mile to ensure your admission is as smooth as possible.


Samantha Klynsmith

Tharagay House Manager

Samanatha is a qualified social worker, and has the professional training to ensure that the residents at Tharagay House receive the proper care. In addition, she has had extensive experience with addiction treatment and is able to help her clients navigate through the challenges of early recovery, which will emerge during a halfway house phase. She has the skills to steer you in the right direction.


Jean Richards-Bentley

Tharagay Place Manager

Jean oversees the residents at Tharagay Place, where we provide sober accommodation. Her cheerful disposition, coupled with firm boundaries and fair judgement, make her the ideal person to manage the facility. The position is hugely important as the residents are expected to manage their own recoveries and therefore a guiding light is essential. Jean fits the role perfectly.

"At Tharagay, our objectives are crystal clear and all our therapeutic energy is designed to help our clients achieve those goals, which we believe will support a sustainable recovery."

- Dr. Rodger Meyer - Founder of Tharagay.

Tharagay Rehab owner and experienced rehab specialist Doctor Meyer
Tharagay Rehab Addiction Services Cape Town


Tharagay is the ideal rehab for patients who want to reclaim their families, lives and complete their personal recovery journeys. The next step is to start a conversation and one of our Tharagay professionals will reach out to you and discuss admission.