Tharagay Online Outpatient Programme

Tharagay Online Outpatient programme is an affordable and focused treatment option for people who cannot take time off from their work, studies, family or other commitments. 

Affordable & Focused

Tharagay Outpatient

In our modern world, not everyone is able to get time off to get in-patient treatment, therefore we have developed an Online Out-patient programme that will assist you in addressing your addiction whilst still engaging in work and your life.

Tharagay Online Outpatient programme is an affordable and focused treatment option for people who cannot take time off from their work, studies, family or other commitments.

The programme is designed to function as a treatment option for people who are new to recovery, who have relapsed or for those who are wanting ongoing care after leaving a residential facility. The programme times are conveniently structured to allow you the benefit of treatment for your substance use disorder or process addiction without taking time out of your everyday life.

The programme helps our clients recover from active addiction and find a meaningful lifestyle.

Outpatient treatment is not suitable for everyone. Contact us now to see if you meet the entrance criteria.


Unique Treatment Plan

The Outpatient Programme

Our programmes are eight weeks long.

After an assessment, we develop a tailor-made treatment programme, which includes online individual sessions, a group and lecture as well as dedicated reflective written work.

This programme is either a 4-week relapse prevention focused programme or an 8-week primary treatment programme. Each individual will have a unique treatment plan developed to best suit their needs.


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