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Tharagay Manor Primary Care In-Patient Rehab

Located in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, Tharagay Manor is the flagship facility in our customised treatment system. It is where new patients are admitted when seeking addiction treatment. Here we offer a recommended 28 day programme which is grounded in the Minnesota Model.

The treatment programme at Tharagay Manor includes daily group-based therapy, discussion and focus groups, regular individual counselling sessions, and family sessions. We strongly advise that our patients take part in our step-based programme in order to reap the benefits of this rehab facility.

Tharagay Manor


Tharagay Manor Features
Comfortable Rehab Accommodation

Tharagay Manor can accommodate a maximum of 20 clients. Our facility has been designed to be calming and conducive to recovery, offering communal relaxation areas, a peaceful garden, a designated smoking area and a swimming pool.

The features include the following:


Large well appointed bedrooms, shared or private



Dining room & Lounge

Large, comfortable dining room and lounge with a TV area


24 hour on-site staffing


Dedicated nursing station

Dedicated Staff

Our Passionate Clinic Manager

Zandri is the manager at Tharagay Manor. She keeps all our patients focused on the task at hand. There can be many distractions as our patients take their first steps on their journey of early recovery. Zandri is always there to provide a helping, caring hand when our patients feel overwhelmed by the challenges of treatment.

Zandri the clinic manager at Tharagay Manor in Cape Town
Zandri the clinic manager at Tharagay Manor in Cape Town
Happy Tharagay past patient giving a testimonial on his treatment

"They Saved My Life"

"Brilliant clinic, I arrived a broken man and the team help me through my issues and problems and helped me see a future and put me on the right path. I can’t speak highly enough about Tharagay. They saved my life."

Our Goal

A Warm And Friendly Welcome

At Tharagay Manor, we believe in providing a warm, friendly and supportive treatment experience. Our goal is to educate and assist our patients in finding a way to achieve optimal functioning in all areas.

With us, patients can achieve a sustainable sobriety through changes in thought and behaviour. We help them to achieve their full potential and minimise the risk of relapse.


Tharagay Manor

5 Tiverton Rd, Plumstead, Cape Town, 7801

Phone number

Business hours
Open 24 hours - 7 days a week

Tharagay Rehab Addiction Services Cape Town


Tharagay is the ideal rehab for patients who want to reclaim their families, lives and complete their personal recovery journeys. The next step is to start a conversation and one of our Tharagay professionals will reach out to you and discuss admission.