Tharagays facility options

Tharagay Rehab Facilities in Cape Town are offered at three different locations, as our customised approach to addiction treatment is designed to meet your needs. All three facilities offer a safe and supportive environment with easy access to amenities in and around Cape Town.

Rehab-Facilities-In-Cape-Town-Tharagay-Manor-LeafTharagay Manor in Cape Town

Tharagay Manor

Tharagay Manor, our primary rehab in Cape Town, offers a comprehensive 28 day treatment programme. It is one of the leading primary treatment rehabilitation centres in Cape Town which will equip patients with everything they need to overcome their addiction. It offers a tranquil setting in a suburban area, where patients can concentrate on their recovery without outside distractions.

Tharagay House Halfway House in Cape Town

Tharagay House

Tharagay House is a halfway house where we focus on the issues that hinder your recovery and result in relapse. It is ideal for people needing residential care and assistance during their recovery journey. The rooms are comfortably furnished, and patients have access to modern amenities, as well as a beautiful garden and outdoor relaxation areas.

Tharagay Place Sober House in Cape Town

Tharagay Place

Tharagay Place offers residential sober living to strengthen your recovery, providing all the support you need before reintegration. This sober living environment has easy access to public transport and shopping centres for patients to enjoy regular excursions, as well as being close to Fellowship meeting venues.

Your Needs

Decide What Is Right For Your Needs

Our rehab centres in Cape Town are tailored specifically to our three-step recovery programme. Each one has been designed with our three-phase programme in mind. However, patients at various stages of addiction treatment can choose which facility they attend based on their needs and their stage in their personal recovery journey.

We will tailor our programmes to suit the goals and struggles of our patients, helping them to achieve their own individual milestones.

Tharagay is the only rehab in Cape Town that has its own full spectrum of residential services all focused on consolidating your recovery programme. That is our sole interest."

- Dr. Rodger Meyer - Founder of Tharagay.

Tharagay Rehab owner and experienced rehab specialist Doctor Meyer
Tharagay Rehab Addiction Services Cape Town


Tharagay is the ideal rehab for patients who want to reclaim their families, lives and complete their personal recovery journeys. The next step is to start a conversation and one of our Tharagay professionals will reach out to you and discuss admission.