Crystal Meth/Tik Addiction: It’s Not Just Street Slang


Crystal Meth/ Tik Addiction

Crystal meth or tik are slang terms for the methamphetamine drug family. Methamphetamines are stimulant drugs that are highly potent and addictive. They can be snorted, smoked, injected, or taken orally. 

Ingesting the substance affects the dopamine levels in the brain, causing a surge of energy, confidence, and hyperactivity. It acts as a stimulant before damaging the body, leading to serious mental and physical health conditions. 

Crystal meth or tik is methamphetamine in the form of a rock-like crystal. The very first experience you have with tik or meth is often the experience which causes the addiction.

Understanding Tik/Crystal Meth Addiction

What Is Tik/Crystal Meth Addiction?

Crystal meth is highly concentrated and can cause immediate dependency, where you feel compelled to continue using, despite the harmful consequences. 

You will feel emotionally, psychologically, and physically dependent, impacting your well-being and quality of life.  Some of the behavioural signs of a person who needs crystal meth addiction help include:

  • Erratic or unpredictable behaviour 
  • Irregular sleeping patterns 
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss 
  • Uncontrollable jaw clenching
  • Performing repetitive and meaningless tasks
  • Violent or aggressive behaviour that is out of character

The addiction to tik or crystal meth occurs because of the feelings of euphoria and increased energy. Tik addicts have diminished negative feelings, making recovery difficult without the right help.

Recognise Symptoms

Crystal Meth/Tik Addiction Symptoms

Understanding Crystal meth addiction symptoms can aid someone in need of crystal meth addiction treatment to get the right help.

Physical symptoms:

  • Tremors or shaking 
  • Dilated pupils
  • Heavy sweating
  • Raised body temperature 
  • Sores or open wounds as a result of constantly picking at skin or hair
  • Poor dental hygiene 
  • Hyperactivity
  • Dehydration

Mental/Psychological symptoms:

  • Increased aggression and overconfident behaviours
  • Heightened sexual and risk taking behaviours 
  • Violent outbursts 
  • Mood swings
  • Psychotic symptoms such as paranoia, hallucinations or delusions
  • Confusion 
  • Movement and coordination issues
  • Distractibility 
  • Anxiety

Tweaking is another symptom of crystal meth addiction. When a person is “tweaking”, they feel uncomfortable, cannot sleep for extended periods, are disconnected from reality, and experience intense hallucinations.

Dealing With Withdrawal Symptoms

Crystal Meth/Tik Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms of a tik addiction can be painful, but with the help of an expert crystal meth addiction rehab, you can overcome them.

The withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Feelings of depression or anxiety
  • An intense craving for the drug
  • Intense tiredness and the need to sleep more
  • An increased appetite, often with a craving for carbohydrate-rich foods
  • Psychosis, such as audio or visual hallucinations
  • Anger and agitation at not having access to the drug
  • Muscle cramps and body pains
  • Paranoia, irritability, and even apathy

The withdrawal process has two phases. The first phase occurs during the first 24 hours after the last use and has intense withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms will lessen over the course of the week. The second phase occurs over the next two to three weeks and gradually lessens in intensity.

Long Term Effects

The Long Term Effects Of Crystal Meth

The high potency and addictive nature of crystal meth can lead to severe and potentially irreversible damage to the body and especially the brain. Some of these effects include:

Physical effects:

  • Permanent damage to the blood vessels of the heart and brain leading to life threatening conditions such as strokes, heart attacks or kidney failure 
  • Damage to the respiratory tract 
  • Malnutrition and severe weight loss
  • Severe tooth decay and dental diseases 
  • Damage to the brain similar to that of Alzheimer’s Disease, stroke or epilepsy
  • Skin conditions such as scars, sores, rashes and infection 
  • Chronic breathing problems and coughing due to lung damage 
  • Increased incident of Urinary Tract infections, digestive conditions such as constipation and reproductive issues

Mental/Psychological effects:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Psychosis during and after usage 
  • Strong psychological dependence on the substance
  • Hopelessness
  • Lack of motivation
Treatment Options

Tik/Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment Options

The treatment options for crystal meth addiction involve a three-stage treatment process including inpatient treatment and long term therapy. Each phase focuses on the core needs of the individual.

Inpatient Treatment Programmes

The inpatient treatment programme offered Tharagay Manor, is the most effective option for meth addiction. It includes a detox period, during which patients receive medical and therapeutic interventions for withdrawal symptoms during the first four to six weeks.

Physical symptoms are monitored by medical staff, while regular individual and group therapy sessions explore and process strong emotional responses, denial structures, and damages caused in active addiction.

Halfway House Or Outpatient Programmes

A Halfway House such as Tharagay House can also help recovering crystal meth addicts. Unhealthy coping styles, thoughts, rituals and behaviours are explored in therapy sessions.

You will learn about unhealthy addictive behaviours and healthy alternatives, as well as how to develop a healthy daily schedule for a gradual reintegration into everyday life.

Sober Living Programmes

Tharagay Place is our sober living facility. Patients are placed in a safe residence with fellow peers of the recovery community, to reintegrate into everyday life.

This phase allows you to attend meetings within the recovery community and reach out when feeling overwhelmed by stressors or events.

A Positive Outlook

Make Recovery A Reality

Recovery from tik addiction can seem difficult, but with the guidance of Tharagay, our patients can face life with a more positive outlook. 

We understand every aspect of meth addiction and leverage our medical expertise to provide a complete addiction treatment programme.