Individualised addiction treatment for a successful recovery.

Tharagay provides compassionate addiction rehabilitation that is tailored to the needs of the patient.

Smiling patient at Tharagay Adiction Treatment Center

Treatment Programmes

Tharagay provides unique rehabilitation treatment services that are designed to lead our patients back to a productive, healthy, and balanced lifestyle without substance use – this is always our challenge.

We have a step-by-step process that we maintain for all of our clients, but we can tailor this to suit your individual profile. If you are not sure which of our treatment centres fit your needs or the needs of your loved one, we can provide helpful advice. Below are our treatment options.

The First Step

Primary Phase

Our 28 Day programme takes place at Tharagay Manor in Plumstead, the leading rehab in Cape Town. 

It is the first step on the journey of recovery, and is strongly advised if you or your family member or friend is actively seeking addiction treatment.

The rehab treatment programme at Tharagay Manor includes:

  • Daily group-based therapy including interactive, discussion and focus groups
  • Regular individual therapy sessions with a counsellor
  • Counselling sessions with a psychologist
  • Educational series about addiction related topics
  • Family therapy sessions (arranged by Skype if necessary)
  • Fellowship Meetings
  • Time out to purchase necessities
  • Community outings involving fun sober recreational activities
  • Restricted access to phones and laptops
Start The Next Phase
Secondary Phase Consolidation

Tharagay House is our halfway house, and is the second phase in the Tharagay rehab programme. We also accept residents here who have completed rehabilitation treatment at another facility. 

It provides a step-down programme for people needing residential care during their recovery to consolidate the recovery journey. 

In addition, Tharagay House specialises in relapse prevention and relapse intervention, as well as relapse risk profile management.

Tharagay House offers the following:

  • Individual sessions with a counsellor
  • Peer-driven serenity groups
  • Therapeutic duties
  • Community groups
  • Relapse prevention group
  • Family conjoint sessions
  • Community bonding time and recreation
  • Controlled freedom of movement
Continue Your Recovery

Tertiary Phase Reintegration

Tharagay Place is our sober living facility. It is designed to encourage and guide residents in building a healthier and more productive lifestyle, something that often eludes a recovering person.

This sober living facility can be part of our 90 day rehab programme or can be a stand-alone treatment facility. 

The sober accommodation provides those who might need residential care while returning to society and continuing their rehabilitation.

Our programme includes the following:

  • Self-catering accommodation
  • Peer-driven serenity groups
  • Regular check-in sessions with the house manager, by appointment
  • Weekly house meetings
Reclaim Your Family

Tharagay Family Programme

Experiencing the addictive behaviour of a loved one is a stressful and debilitating experience. We believe that the family is an integral part of any recovery process.

Tharagay has partnered with Prospect Hill Recovery Practice to provide a weekly Family Programme, which delivers high-quality education and care for family members and close friends of individuals in addiction treatment.

The Family Programme provides the following benefits:

  • Exploring your current experience with individual and group counselling
  • Providing relevant education and information through lectures and groups
  • Developing effective coping strategies for before, during, and after the patient’s recovery
  • Guiding personal and relationship recovery
  • Supporting the development of skills to sustain change
One-On-One Counseling
Individual Counselling

Tharagay can arrange for individual counselling with an approved professional. We have a team of counsellors available to our rehab in Cape Town with specialised areas of expertise. They are able to provide individual counselling when needed.

This individual counselling usually occurs pre-treatment when a patient is not convinced or willing to admit that they have an addictive disorder. Individual counselling can also be effective during post-treatment to discover unresolved issues which could lead to a relapse.

Family members can also benefit from counselling, and we offer individual sessions for family members as needed. Family members and friends will learn that they hold more power than they realise in breaking the addictive cycle. 

Family support counselling can help to empower family members and end the despair caused by addiction.

Online Sessions
Online Outpatient Treatment Programme

In our modern world, not everyone is able to get time off to get in-patient treatment, therefore we have developed an Online Out-patient programme that will assist you in addressing your addiction whilst still engaging in work and your life.

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on many people struggling with their addiction who require remote treatment that allows for “social distancing” as well as convenience.

This is also a great programme to assist those who are needing some therapeutic support when they are struggling or have relapsed.

After an assessment, we develop a tailor-made treatment programme, which includes online individual sessions, a group and lecture as well as dedicated reflective written work. This programme is either a 4-week relapse prevention focused programme or an 8-week primary treatment programme.

Happy Tharagay past patient giving a testimonial on his treatment

"I am humbled, I am grateful and I am hopeful"

"6 weeks in treatment turned into 23 weeks in the Tharagay system! I say well done team, you had me at “Hello and take your damn mask off!”. It has been a brutal + beautiful journey here with you all. I am honoured to be an alumnus of this fabulous facility. I was forced to share when I came in, and now as I leave, as a whole new person, I can’t seem to shut up! I am humbled, I am grateful and I am hopeful."

I have developed a full range of therapeutic services to cover all aspects of the addiction problem and I am proud to say that Tharagay can help you, whatever your addiction related problem might be."

- Dr. Rodger Meyer - Founder of Tharagay.

Tharagay Rehab owner and experienced rehab specialist Doctor Meyer
Tharagay Rehab Addiction Services Cape Town


Tharagay is the ideal rehab for patients who want to reclaim their families, lives and complete their personal recovery journeys. The next step is to start a conversation and one of our Tharagay professionals will reach out to you and discuss admission.