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Tharagay Addiction Services had its beginnings in 1995. With 20 years of experience, Tharagay Manor offers affordable treatment of a superior quality. We treat alcoholism and drug addiction, and are experienced in the management of process addictions, including gambling addiction, eating disorders and sex addiction. The aim is for clients to learn how to achieve an optimal measure of health, joy and meaning in all the vital areas of their lives (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental).

Tharagay Manor’s treatment approach is grounded in the Minnesota model. To achieve the goal of abstinence and improved quality of life, the principles of the 12 Step philosophies are applied. Within this context and based on a thorough and on-going assessment of a client’s unique needs, a multimodal treatment plan is devised to ensure that all relevant issues are addressed. A multidisciplinary team of professionals contribute to each client’s individualized treatment throughout the process. The desired outcome is not merely for individuals to attain sobriety, but for them to develop a balanced and healthy recovery lifestyle such that they become capable of achieving their full potential as human beings. Tharagay Manor provides a supportive and compassionate environment in which residents can begin this journey.

The Programme

Tharagay Manor offers a residential treatment programme.

The programme consists of the following activities:

  • Group therapies:
    • Daily interactive group therapy sessions
    • Weekly discussion and focus groups
    • Weekly goal-setting groups
    • Weekly art therapy
    • Weekly meditation sessions
  • Educational lectures:
    • Addiction Theory
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Emotional Intelligence
  • Regular Individual Counselling sessions:
  • Family sessions (over Skype if your family is not readily available)
  • 12 Step Fellowship meetings and fellowship discussion groups
  • Time to do written work

In addition, Tharagay Manor provides the following organised recreational activities:

  • Temporary membership at a local gym, with transport to gym three times weekly
  • A weekly community recreational outing to destinations of interest in Cape Town
  • A weekly outing to a neighbourhood shop to purchase necessities


Dr. Samantha van Reenen


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